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APC    USD $700

Applied Science Letters A (Impact Factor 2.5) APC - $ 600.00

Physics Tomorrow Applied Science Letters A (ApplSciLettersA) An SCOPUS-indexed monthly thrice peer-reviewed journal. ApplSciLettersA journal is an international, peer-reviewed, open-access journal on theoretical, & applied science, science and its applications published monthly online by Physics Tomorrow Letters.

APC    USD $900

Canadian Science Letters X

Canadian Science Letters X publishes the original unpublished contents of science in every 10th of the month.

APC    USD $400

Chemical Letters vol. 6 (Impact F. 2) APC -- - $ 400.00

APC USD $500

Heart Technology Letters

Heart Technology Letters is a international SCOPUS indexed thrice reviewed partial open access journal releases the publications in every 1st of the month.

APC    USD $500

Journal of Applied Elementary Physics vol .2 APC) - $ 500.00